You can’t go to Kauai, Hawaii without taking a Helicopter tour! In about 55 minutes, you’ll circumnavigate the island, seeing some of the most beautiful aspects of the island from the air. Most of Kauai is inaccessible, with no roads and dense forest. To really see it, you’ll need to get in the air!

Our Robinson R44 (N34BK)

Our Robinson R44 (N34BK)

We chose Mona Loa Helicopters because they fly a Robinson R44 (4 seats, 3 passengers) with a doors-off option. It was nice for the 3 of us to have the helicopter all to ourselves, with each person having a window seat. Being adventurous, we opted for the doors-off flight (well worth it by the way!). One piece of advice, don’t wear a hoodie if you go on an open-door flight — especially if you’re seated in the back. The wind will whip your hood all over the place!

Below is a video of our takeoff from Lihue:

Photos from our flight around the island are shown below:

Below is a video of our landing in Lihue:

If you ever travel to Kauai, make sure to take a helicopter tour; it’s well worth the price. Kauai quickly became my favorite place on Earth.


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