After a nice, short flight from RIC to PHL on an US Airways (Air Wisconsin) CRJ-200, we moved to Terminal C via bus for our connecting flight to New Orleans MSY. I hadn’t ever been to PHL to MSY before, so this would be a new flight for me.

US Airways (Republic Airways) Flight 3397 Information:

  • Flight: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to New Orleans International Airport (MSY)
  • Flight Time: 2 hours 53 minutes
  • Aircraft: US Airways (Republic Airways) Embraer 170 N803MD
  • Seat: 14A (window)

We found out flight at gate C21 in PHL and began boarding pretty soon after. Here is, first, a photo of N803MD from, and second, a photo of our plane at the gate:

Our route of flight and altitude/speed can be found in the photos below:
Here is my ticket from the flight:
Here are a few photos taken taxiing before takeoff at PHL:
Here is the video of our takeoff from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) which can be found on my youtube channel: MartinsAviation1
I hadn’t been on an Embraer E-Jet since I was a little kid, travelling on Jetblue through MCO down to Cancun. After having just flown on the CRJ-200, I was happy to find a much nicer cabin with larger windows and larger/more comfortable seats. I got lucky having selected my seat in row 14. Most of the other rows had the window aligned poorly, I heard a few other passengers complaining about this. It wasn’t perfect (you had to lean forward), but still, row 14 was much better than the other rows.
The view from seat 14A
We flew to the West of Washington DC, right over Washington-Dulles International Airport (IAD), which you can see below:
Here are a few more photos from the flight including a cabin overview:
A photo I took for the Infinite Flight Team: US Airways E-170 in Flight
Descending into MSY, my brother and I looked at the radar and saw that heavy storms had been moving through the area. These are some photos of the stormy weather approaching New Orleans:
Here is the video from our landing into New Orleans MSY. As you can see from watching the video, it wasn’t raining when we came in on short final, but by the time we were halfway down the runway, it was a downpour. You can also see the water shoot up from the reverse thrust of the aircraft:



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