I was extremely lucky this summer to have the opportunity to visit a good friend of mine and his family in Jordan. Not too many people I know have been to the Middle East, so it was definitely a unique experience.

What better way to start the trip than with a bunch of “firsts?” From our first flight alone, I had: my first KLM flight, first A330 flight, and first time to Amsterdam. It was an awesome flight onboard a brand new KLM A330-300.

KLM Flight 652 Information

  • Flight: Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport (AMS)
  • Aircraft: KLM A330-300 (PH-AKD)
  • Flight Time: 7 Hours 40 Minutes
  • Seat: 31J (economy, window)

klm a333 iad klm a333 iad

Traveling on KLM for the first time was a pretty cool experience! We had great seats in the rear-economy section with a great view of the wing.

klm a333 seatklm a333 ife

Here is the video of our takeoff from Washington IAD. More videos like this can be found on my youtube page MartinsAviation:

Here are some photos from our initial departure:The in-flight meal was pretty good, but nothing too special for a trans-atlantic meal.

klm a333 meal

There was one problem with the inflight entertainment where the live map of our position would not load. That was a little frustrating because I really enjoy checking out the flight’s progress. I came up with a solution by turning on my portable, external SkyPro GPS that I use while piloting. I then fired up Foreflight, loaded a world map (that does not require an internet connection), and made my own map!

klm a333 map

After waking up from barely any sleep, we were greeted with a small breakfast.

We made our way over Ireland, England, and the English Channel before descending into Amsterdam. It was SO COOL to see all of the wind farms right off the coast.

Here are a few screenshots from our route:

Here is a video of our landing in Amsterdam:

We quickly de-planed and began a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam. I ended up exiting customs to visit the panorama terrace on top of the airport. It was probably a world record for the shortest trip to the Netherlands… a whopping 15 minutes! Some photos of our plane at the gate were taken from the terrace. There will be an article soon about the panorama terrace experience.. it was pretty unique for an airport like this!

Thanks for reading and watching!
-Swayne Martin
Twitter: @MartinsAviation

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  1. Mike

    No comment until mine 2 years later? I really enjoyed your report. Do you happen to recall if this plane, the A330-300, has a USB charging plug? My tablet lasts perhaps a couple of hours unfortunately.
    What about leg space? Did you find it adequate? How tall are you? I’m 6’2″. You sat in regular economy I think, not the one where you get a couple of inches extra for like $70 extra?
    Oh and what about the plane being good at avoiding turbulence? And how is the landing, like an automatic precise confident landing?
    How many free drinks were you offered? Are there free Dutch news papers on board?


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