This flight was another flight of “firsts!” It was my first trip to Hawaii, first flight on a Delta A330, and the longest flight I’d ever been on (4,500 miles!). We were a little tired after waking up at 4am for our flight earlier that morning, but excited nonetheless.

Delta Air Lines Flight 837 Information:

  • Flight: Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL) to Honolulu International Airport (HNL)
  • Flight Time: 9 Hours
  • Aircraft: Delta Air Lines A330-300 (N811NW)
  • Seat: 30J (economy, window)
At The Gate In ATL

At The Gate In ATL

Once we arrived in Atlanta, we found that we would be headed to Terminal E, one of the international terminals at ATL. We only had to wait a short time before boarding began, and we were finally onboard!

My good friend Karlene Petitt, a Delta A330 First Officer, knew the Captain on this flight quite well. Captain Bill Wainwright has been flying with Delta for a very long time, and recently flew a trip with Karlene to Honolulu back in February. I went up to the cockpit to introduce myself as a friend of Karlene and was greeted with a big smile and a, “She’s a blast to fly with!” He let me sit left seat for a few minutes and showed me around the cockpit which was pretty awesome. It was a BIG space up front — definitely a nice “office!”

After the quick visit up front, I headed back to my seat for departure. Sadly there was a ground-stop mechanical delay of about an hour before we actually ended up moving. My brother and I timed how long we were actually onboard the aircraft – 11 Hours!

Below is a video of our takeoff towards Hawaii!:

One pretty shocking thing about this flight was that there was not going to be any meal service. Sure, there were going to be snacks, but no meals like you’d expect for an overseas flight. If you travel from the East Coast to Europe, you’re normally served at least one meal. Yet from Atlanta to Hawaii (a MUCH longer flight, they don’t serve any full meals). There was luckily an Atlanta-Honolulu edition menu that had items for purchase; I personally got the pizza!\

Below are photos from our flight over the entire United States, off the Coast of California, and into the Pacific Ocean. Delta Air Lines was nice enough to hand out a famous Hawaiian treat, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, shortly before we arrived in the Hawaiian Islands.

After a not so long 9 hours, we finally made it to Hawaii! Here are some photos descending into Honolulu and flying over Oahu (we had a great view of Pearl Harbor!):

Here are some photos and screenshots from our route:

Below is a video of our landing in Honolulu:

Taxiing to the gate:

We were finally in Hawaii! It was a bit of a surreal experience, having been at home earlier that day and arriving to a small(ish) island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

At The Gate In HNL

At The Gate In HNL

Thanks for reading and watching,
-Swayne Martin
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  1. Denise Edinger

    Thank you for documenting this flight! I have been researching different airlines for a family trip to Hawaii and this flight was one of the top contenders. I appreciate your eye for detail. I loved how you included the take off, landing, menus, and interior pictures, even of the terminal. Do you recall if economy comfort in the front looked any different? So glad you can buy pizza. Now I know my son won’t starve.

    • Swayne Martin
      Swayne Martin

      Economy Comfort on Delta is nice for longer flights like ATL-HNL. It comes at a substantial fee but might be worth it if you want more leg room and recline.

  2. Phillip Matthews

    Thanks for sharing your journey! I’m thinking of taking the same flight in a few months. Was the flight quite crowded in economy? I know it depends on the season, but just wondering.

  3. Susan

    I am taking this exact flight in October and appreciate the take off and landing videos. We are flying comfort due to husbands back injury but sure wish we could afford first class. As a bit of a white knuckle flyer perhaps I’ll watch your videos a few more times to get me ready :)…hopefully the flight will pass quickly


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