It was early in the morning but finally time to start out long journey from Virginia to Hawaii! Delta Air Lines doesn’t normally schedule a 757 into Richmond RIC, but we lucked out this time and hopped on board N519US to Atlanta.

Delta Flight 1961 Information:

  • Flight: Richmond International Airport (RIC) to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL)
  • Flight Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
  • Aircraft: Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 (N519US)
  • Seat: 31F (economy, window)
At The Gate In RIC

At The Gate In RIC

We had a pretty amazing taxi and departure through the sunrise fog for our first leg of two to Honolulu.

Here is a video of the takeoff from RIC:


Flying South to Atlanta on a 757 at sunrise was amazing, something I don’t normally get to experience! Below are photos from our flight:

After a quick flight and snack, we made our descent in ATL.

Below is a video of our landing in Atlanta:

I was pretty excited at this point for my first ever flight on a Delta A333 (to Honolulu)! Check back soon for more posts about our trip out to Hawaii.

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-Swayne Martin
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