After an early morning flight from Santa Rosa, on Horizon Air, we got ready for our next leg, flying back towards Virginia.

I was especially excited about this flight because this was to be my first flight on a Boeing 767. Never having been on the 767, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited! I had a window seat for the flight which was nice. In addition to being my first 767, this was the first national widebody flight I have ever been on.

American Airlines Flight 1196 Information

  • Flight: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Chicago O’Hare International (ORD)
  • Flight Time: 3 Hours, 55 Minutes
  • Aircraft: American Airlines 767-300 [N349AN]
  • Seat: 36J (window)
Here is the video from our: Takeoff at LAX on the cloudy day: More video can be found on my youtube channel, MartinsAviation1

Flying back over the western United States was again another cool experience to have from the window.  I didn’t have internet access on this flight, so I couldn’t see where were, live, unless I looked up at the moving map on the ceiling TV’s.

In general, the AA767 flight was pretty good. I wasn’t really all that impressed with the seats. I remember them being pretty tight and not comfortable in general. After landing, I couldn’t imagine having to sit in those seats for 9+ hours, on a flight to South America or Europe, as this plane frequently does. This was my first widebody flight within the United States, which I thought was very cool. Even though the seats weren’t great… I’d certainly recommend flying on a larger aircraft, like this if you have the option.

Here is the video from our landing at Chicago O’Hare (ORD). We were delayed slightly because of rain and thunderstorms:

Thanks for reading and watching!

Swayne Martin
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  1. Pascale from France

    Imagine … from JFK to Paris CDG , with an old B757 😉

    Great report, thanks


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