Two days ago, I travelled down to Dallas, Texas for a joint American Airlines and PSA pilot recruitment and networking event. David Tatum, the AA Chief Pilot in Dallas, and the awesome pilots, recruiters, and management of PSA airlines put on the event for aspiring professional pilots. PSA even chartered in a CRJ-900 from Charlotte, NC filled with roughly 60 collegiate aviation students from around the country.

The goal of the event was to explain and show the relationship American Airlines has with PSA, one of three wholly owned regional air carriers. Simply put, it was explained that if your end goal is to be an airline pilot at American Airlines, applying for a job at one of the 3 regional carriers, like PSA, is the way to go. The President of PSA even came down to speak about the program. When you’re hired at PSA, Envoy, or Piedmont, you’re being hired as an American Airlines pilot. Your flow-through to AA is based on seniority and there isn’t any interview required to secure a job at American. It’s not the only way to get into the right seat of a major airline, but it certainly is one accessible option.

The real benefit of the program is that it’s almost like getting an insurance policy. Based on AA’s hiring needs, you’re guaranteed to become a pilot for them. Instead of worrying about passing the interview for a major airline, you’re essentially guaranteed a spot. They like to say that when you interview for one of their three regional airlines, it could be the last time you ever have to interview for a pilot position, which is pretty dang cool. There are pros and cons to every hiring program at airlines. Simply put, that’s how regional airlines stay competitive with each other. So check out PSA’s program for yourself and read through some details to see if it’s the right fit for you.

I was invited to speak to a large part of the group about what we can do as pilots to grow the pilot population through social media. It’s so easy to document your flying, show off general aviation, and inspire the next generation to start flying. Trust me, if you can learn how to fly a plane, you can learn how to make a great video and upload it to YouTube. It’s an easy way to inspire the next generation to start training. Thanks for the opportunity AA and PSA!

I was lucky to meet some awesome pilots my age from around the country, a lot of whom were Boldmethod readers! ExpressJet has a great partnership with us at Boldmethod to jump start your pilot career, so it’s great to see other airlines like PSA getting involved as well. As a UND student, it was really cool to talk with some guys and girls from other programs to see what their training looks like. As a young pilot finishing up training, it’s exciting to see airlines putting so much effort into pilot recruitment and the growth of the overall pilot population. It’s crazy to think that in a year and a half that I could be sitting up front flying for a regional airline.


Make sure to check out PSA’s website for details and feel free to shoot them a message with questions. Once again, this is just one of many ways to get your pilot spot at a major airline – There isn’t really any “right” way to do it. Their pilot recruiters are awesome people and will help you out with any questions you have.

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