Part of this blog is to highlight experiences which really got me into aviation, both recently, and as a child. In a day or two, I will be taking my first flight lesson. I will be writing a thorough response to how that went… but in the meantime, here is something that really got me into aviation when I was younger.

A few years ago, in 2008, I had a really great and inspiring experience in Alaska. My family and I were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Alaska, which departed from Seattle. It stopped in Skagway, Juneau, and Prince Rupert, British Colombia.

After having stopped in Skagway Alaska, the ship travelled down the fjords to Juneau. My Aunt and Mom surprised my brother and I with a very special excursion. They took us on a floatplane tour of some glaciers near Juneau.

We flew out of Juneau on a DeHavilland Otter (floatplane). Upon boarding the plane, the pilot offered for me to sit co-pilot to himself. Of course, I thought this was really cool. I just wish I could remember more of it from 5 years ago.

We flew East, over the mountains surrounding Juneau and flew over some really incredible, massive glaciers. Those pilots have such a great job, just think about it. They get to fly planes in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet (and get paid for it!!!).

If any of you are in Juneau any time in the future… you have got to do a floatplane tour. This was one of the most memorable experiences with flight I had as a child. All of these memories built me up into being so excited about aviation today.

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  1. capnaux

    Great pics! R they yours??

    I’ve got some wonderful pics from flying up there, doing the very same tours over the Juneau Icefield. I only wish we had HD cams back then! I loved my short time flying the bush out of Juneau, and hope to some day returen.

    Having read my novel, you of course got to re-live this very same experience thru DC’s eyes…how cool is that!!

    • Swayne Martin

      Yes, all of the pictures were mine except for the first one of the planes haha

      It was so fun, I remember being thrilled to do it! And yes, your novel portrays it so greatly it reminds me of it all

  2. Olivier Le Vu

    Hello Swayne,

    I am french private pilot for several years now, but not so much, 5 years. I discovered your website some months ago as I was looking for english interesting articles. Indeed, I decided to pass my english communication qualification in order to be able to fly outside France. My brother lives in Australia and I would love to go and see him and fly there with him. As you, I was found of aircrafts and, one day, I had the opportunity of a scenic flight in Australia, over the Great Reef Barrer, on a Otter floatplane.
    As I was taller compared with the japanese others guys in the plane, the captain gave me the co-pilot seat. That was just fabulous. But big difference, I waited 15 years before starting flying by myself. Just a hobby but I love flying over the atlantic islands of France.
    Well, just to say that the experience you share with yours articles and videos is just amazing. Don’t stop and continue the same way.
    Regards from South Britany, France.


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