A week ago, I took my first flight lesson and really enjoyed it. I wrote a lot about it in another post: on the top bar: “First Flight Lesson”

I was fortunate enough to come into contact recently with one of the most supportive people I have ever had the privilege of emailing with. Her name is Karlene Petitt, the author of Flight for Control, Flight for Safety, and her blog: Flight to Success

Karlene is a long time airline pilot. She has been a pilot for 8 airlines, has 7 type ratings, 2 masters degrees, and one published novel, Flight For Control. Currently, she flies as an international airline pilot, operating an A330 for Delta all around the world. In addition to being a pilot and author, she is a mentor, motivator, and speaker!

She asked me a few weeks ago to write a story for her about what my first flight lesson was like, and how it impacted my life. I thought this could be a great opportunity to share my story, about how I am making my personal dreams into a reality. I hope that anyone reading will be inspired enough to go take their passion to the next level.

My story/post on her blog : Swayne Martin: Friday’s Fabulous Flyer

On her blog she writes not just about her own flying experiences, but what really makes you “successful” in life. She posts the stories from some really amazing people, never failing to include points about what makes pilots “successful.” A lot of it comes down to attitude. Are you in the industry for the end goal or the journey? She encourages her readers to reach for their dreams, and never quit.

If you have the time, I highly recommend that you read her blog and go through some of the posts she has written. In addition, I would encourage you to look under the “Friday’s Fabulous Flyers” section on the bottom right sidebar. One in particular, Cap’n Aux’s post, is really great.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy her blog!

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