Boldmethod is one of the best training tools for a student pilot. I give credit to their easy online courses for my ability to read aviation weather reports (METARs, TAFs, PIREPS, etc.) The price of $10 is well worth it! To read more about their products and to try a course for free Click Here.

Before and after my private pilot checkride, I was interviewed by the Boldmethod team, to go over expectations vs. reality. So what should you expect on your checkride? Check out these two articles to read more:

Thanks to the Boldmethod team for the interview. Your courses are exactly what the current student pilots around the world need!
-Swayne Martin
Twitter: @MartinsAviation


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If you want to become a pilot, I want to make your journey just a little easier. I'm a First Officer for Envoy Air, one of the largest regional airlines in the world, and have partnered with industry leaders like the U.S. Air Force to teach about various aviation careers. For a full bio, click the "About" tab above. Use the "Contact" tab to shoot me a message.

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  1. Karlene Petitt

    Swayne, Interviewing you for your expectations speaks volumes about them. I will definitely check them out! It’s never to late to learn. (or re-learn)


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