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Looking skyward has been something I’ve done for the past decade and I know that in the future that another kid like me will be looking skyward at my plane in the sky. That child will have the same aspirations as myself, being an airline pilot. I got hooked into aviations from the yearly vacations my family and I have taken to locations south and west (mainly south) on the big jets was and still is, always my favorite part of the trip.

I’ve flown into many airports, all of which I know by their FAA designation, BOS BDL PVD, MHT, TPA, SRQ, MCO, ATL, BWI, SEA, ORD. My favorite is easily Tampa International Airport because of it’s simple nature and modern look. I’ve flown into TPA twice, two times with Southwest (into Airside C) and once with JetBlue (into Airside A).

I live in Central Mass, north of Worcester, and am right now a sophomore in high school. I have 12 hours of logged flight time with my instructor at the Worcester Regional Flight Academy and am progressing towards soloing a plane before a car. The WRFA has provided my with some unique experiences, such as working at Discovery Weekends each summer to show the world of aviation to young adults, going to Worcester Sharks games (San Jose’s AHL affiliate), and being attending an aviation club meeting once a month to discuss and learn more about the world of aviation. ORH (FAA designation for Worcester Regional Airport) is a perfect place to learn to fly because it’s a controlled field, and has unique visitors.

I fly in a Cessna 172P Skyhawk, N53996. The high wing allows passengers to see breathtaking sights, especially in the fall, of the beauty of Central Mass. On clear days in the air, and atop the 1,000 ft MSL hill ORH is perched on, you can look to the east and see the high rises of Boston. When I look towards Boston I can’t help but think of the approaches into BOS I will be making in the future.

Being an airline pilot seems like a dream to me, although the dream is very reachable. Once I graduate I’d like to attend Embry Riddle in Daytona, FL to expand my flight training and get a degree in Aeronautical Science and enroll into the Delta Pilot Pathway program to get to the reality of my dream, being an airline pilot starting out as FO on the Boeing 757!

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself Nick, I know that one day you will achieve success and make it as an airline pilot! I can’t wait to see in what place you’ll be in just a few years. Maybe I’ll see you at ERAU if I look into it!

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Thanks again for sharing Nick!
Swayne Martin

Martins Aviation / From Private to Professional Pilot
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  1. Karlene Petitt

    Another great story Swayne. It’s fun to meet the future pilots. Nick… Who knows, you may end up flying first officer on a Boeing 747-400 when you get hired. Live big! Hurry up and come fly with me. 🙂


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