In preparation for this spring, when I plan on flying with friends and family to the Jamestown/Williamsburg Airport (KJGG), I did a solo trial flight to KJGG to better familiarize myself with the route. If you’re a new private pilot, it’s always a good idea (if possible) to familiarize yourself with an airport before you take passengers there with you.

KOFP-KJGG Route Overview

KOFP-KJGG Route Overview

The Jamestown/Williamsburg Airport is a perfect spot to take people for a springtime lunch. There’s an awesome restaurant right off the ramp that’s fun to visit on a warm day.

The FBO/Restaurant

The FBO/Restaurant

My route took me from Hanover KOFP, through Richmond Intl. (KRIC)’s Class C, down the James River, to Jamestown. I contacted Potomac Approach and had VFR flight following for the flight.

It wasn’t a smooth day by any stretch. I wouldn’t have flown with passengers that day because of the turbulence, but felt comfortable doing it by myself in the airplane. The winds at KJGG, upon arrival, were at about 10 knots, blowing nearly straight down the runway. My landings at KJGG were some of the worst I’ve ever had – It was extremely difficult to maintain a stable approach with the level of turbulence and wind-shifting caused by trees and terrain nearby.

After arriving at Williamsburg/Jamestown, I shut down for a few minutes to take a breather and take a few photos.

On the way back to Richmond, the air smoothed out a little as I climbed up to 4,500 feet. My landing back at Hanover wasn’t nearly as bad as earlier that day, which ended the trip on a good note. I was glad that I chose to test out the route before taking others along with me. It’ll make me much more confident flying into the Williamsburg/Jamestown Airport.

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  1. Karlene

    Swayne, this is an awesome post! The best recommendation in the world…familiarize yourself first. Just the little bit of distraction that passengers can add, can make all the difference in a successful event. Very insightful. GREAT photos too!
    Happy Easter!!

    • Swayne Martin

      Thanks, Karlene! I’m glad you think it’s a good idea too. It’ll help a ton being familiar with the airport when I have people riding in the back with me.


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