High Performance Training:

While flying Cirrus SR22 N125LC, Rod Kellogg and Haley Howard gave me instruction, teaching me the basics of flying a high performance airplane. I’d flown in a Cirrus a few times before, so knew the basics of flying something that was faster and performed higher than standard trainer aircraft. We reviewed pattern work, maneuvers, and strategies to avoid shock-cooling high-performance engines. After flying a few times in the Cirrus, I was signed off for my high performance aircraft endorsement. During on of our flights, Haley flew a few IFR approaches to KJKA. Observing those instrument approaches was a great insight into what I’ll be doing soon with IFR training.

Complex Aircraft Training:

Complex aircraft require a more attentive pilot. They’re are often fast, have retractable landing gear, have a propellor control, etc. This increases pilot workload, which is why a special endorsement is given once complex aircraft training has been completed. I flew two complex aircraft while in Gulf Shores, AL: a Beechcraft Bonanza and a King Air F90. As written in my logbook, the endorsement came from flying the Bonanza, since it’s a grey area whether or not a non multi-engine rated pilot can get a complex endorsement in a multi-engine aircraft. While I was down there, I also flew a Lake LA-4-200, which is another complex airplane with retractable landing gear. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of our flight in the Bonanza, so I only have a couple from the King Air and Lake:

Receiving some additional training was great. Thanks Rod and Haley!
-Swayne Martin
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  1. Carlos Olivella

    Hi Swayne, I am Carlos from Colombia, South America. I’ve seen your videos and everything is so nice to see. I just received my Private Pilot License with addition to instruments. Now I am starting to fly alone and I have a question for you. Do you have videos on how to set up my gopro cameras in my plane. It’s a Piper Turbo Arrow IV.

    Thanks a lot and congratulations on everything that you do.



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