Before graduation and college I wanted to go flying again with my grandfather and brother, so I planned a flight with them from Hanover KOFP to Hummel Field (W75), Virginia. Waking up early in the morning for our 7:30am departure slot, the weather was perfect and the air was smooth.

I had always wanted to visit W75 to try landing on its small 2,270 X 45 foot long runway right next to the Rappahannock River. There’s a road right before the threshold of Runway 01, as you’ll see in the images below.

Here’s a video of our landing on Runway 01:

Here are some pictures from our brief stop at the Hummel Airport:

It was a great way to start the morning, and I’m glad that I got to spend some more time with my grandfather and brother! If you get the chance, take a flight out to W75. There’s not too much to do at the airport, but the runway is pretty small and a good challenge.

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