I had a great time flying solo for the second time yesterday. Family was in town for my Eagle Scout Ceremony, and really wanted to see me fly solo. My aunts were some of the people who took me on trips to the airport and air-shows when I was little, so they were SO excited to see me flying for the first time!

It was a little more bumpy yesterday then it was for my first solo (the wind was at about 9kts and a little more turbulent).

After another quick check flight with my instructor, I went up to solo again. This time, I did 4 takeoffs and landings. I mounted the GoPro before I turned on the plane to make sure I got it in a good spot looking forward for the takeoffs and landings.

Here is a video summary of the day. If you skip to the last minute, there is time-lapse footage of one full flight:

Thanks for reading and watching!
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  1. Capt. Anup Murthy

    You’re welcome. I’m always there to encourage people who want to become pilots, aviators, we are a special breed who love the skies! Continue posting, it is enjoyable and it will serve as a record for your memories later in life. All the best!


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