This Extra 300L has 300 horsepower for 1,500 pounds of weight – Talk about a seriously good ratio! I was lucky enough to fly last weekend with Cameron Jaxheimer, a World Aerobatic Competitor for Team USA. Cameron graduated from UND this year and was an active member of our aerobatic team, competing for the school. We went through some of his airshow maneuvers, pulling a maximum of 8 G’s.

Charlie Atterbury provided the airplane to the members of the school’s aerobatic community for advanced aerobatic instruction in the high performance airplane. It’s a great aircraft to have in the community for opportunities to expose more pilots to flying on the edge!

Thanks for the awesome instruction Cameron!

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    Hi, since past few days i have been seeing your posts , articles, etc…n i just love them…its really interesting. Articles you come up with are very basic but thoughtful. I would like to Thank you guyz by taking this initiative as many people will learn from this around the world. All my best wishes with you guyz. I have done my CPL Training from USA and i m from INDIA.

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    I really like your posts your videos they are really amazing .I wish you all the best .I am Zaineb from morocco


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