Aleks Udris and I flew Cirrus SR-22T N333AN through the American Southwest a few weeks ago for some Boldmethod production stories. I hadn’t spent much time flying through the Southwest before this trip, so it was an awesome flight! Check out our route below (KAPA-KSAF-KGCN-KSEZ-KPGA-KAPA):

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.22.00 PMHere’s a video overview of the trip:

Sedona, Arizona (KSEZ) is situated on top of a 500 foot tall Mesa. With steep cliffs on either end of the runway, you have to add extra consideration when making sure you’re hitting your aiming point on the runway. Just a few years ago, a chartered Phenom 100 ran past the end of the runway and broke up after falling down the cliff. We faced 20-25 knot wind heading into Sedona, which in and of itself wasn’t a big deal, but definitely added a little extra challenge to the arrival.

Sedona’s now on my list of favorite airports in the world. I can’t wait to head back down South for more challenging flying around the area.


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