Over the past few weeks, I was lucky to explore more of the Gulf Coast… But this time in a Carbon Cub on floats. Rod, Haley, Leonard and I had a great time checking out the awesome rivers, lakes, and beaches all around Florida and Alabama. Rod and Haley gave me instruction in the plane since I’m not seaplane rated yet. I’m hoping to get that rating soon!

There’s nothing better than summertime and seaplanes.

Thanks for the awesome summer everyone!


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11 Responses

  1. Gail German

    Love your videos and your love of aviation.
    I need a link for Facebook to share.

  2. Briggs

    And why are we pilots?

    We always get the girl in the bikini.


    (Good fun Swayne.)

  3. Jose Rojas Jr

    Hi Swayne,

    Another great video! I passed my Private Pilot checkride on Aug 4th and wanted to thank you for your videos and sharing your expertise. I just started instrumentation today! Continued success! Thanks again!!!

  4. Ernesto

    Gotta say Swayne, you make some great videos with superb soundtracks. After watching your vids you’ve inspired me to get my pilot license after I finish my engineering degree next year. The goal is to one day own a floater!

    Cant wait to watch more future vids!


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