Hey guys it’s been awhile and I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks! This fall has been totally crazy and busy with all of the aviation courses and events I’ve been a part of around Grand Forks at the University of North Dakota.

I just finished up my Aviation 221 instrument course, and will move onto our Aviation 222 instrument course next semester. Just to catch you up, here’s a little of what we’ve been up to at UND!….

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If you want to become a pilot, I want to make your journey just a little easier. I'm a First Officer for Envoy Air, one of the largest regional airlines in the world, and have partnered with industry leaders like the U.S. Air Force to teach about various aviation careers. For a full bio, click the "About" tab above. Use the "Contact" tab to shoot me a message.

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  1. Rich

    Aviation is always a thrill and always look forward to new flights and friends. Recently sold my first aircraft after 25 years a Mooney 201 and replaced it with the Mooney ovation . Keep up the good work and if you would like son photos or info on fun trips drop a line as I always look for New adventures.

  2. Steven

    What program track did you go through? UND Aerospace says they offer two aviation degree programs with seven academic majors. My youngest is about to graduate high school and I’m trying to get him interested in a career.


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