Shortly after arriving at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND, I joined local EAA Chapter 1342. It’s been an awesome way to become friends with some pretty awesome pilots both from inside and outside of the University’s Aerospace School. Here’s a highlight video of this year’s trip:

Every year EAA Chapter 1342 hosts a fly-in and hog roast camping trip. This year, the event was held at a private grass airstrip just north of KGFK (airport 8ND4 near Manvel, ND). Starting on Friday afternoon with a cookout, about 8 or 9 aircraft flew in and set up camp at the strip. That night, about 40 people ended up showing up either by driving in or flying in.

I was the first arrival, flying our leased Cessna 172I Skyhawk (N46015) into the airfield. As you’ll learn about in a later post, I lease N46015 with my close friends David, Tina, and Kreg (all upperclassmen at UND).  As you might notice, the usable width of 8ND4 was pretty hampered this year with tall corn growing on either side of the runway. The Cessna had about 3-4 feet of clearance off of either wingtip at the strip, which meant you really had to be careful about staying on centerline. Oh yeah, and with a usable length of about 2,200 feet, 8ND4 can be a little tricky.

Saturday brought a crowd of about 80 people for the hog roast. Rides were given to visitors throughout the day in anything from a 1947 Luscombe to our old C172. Between awesome BBQ and flying, what could be better? It was a pretty awesome day.

Thanks to the EAA 1342 crew for making this year an awesome success,

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  1. Nick

    Hey Swayne,

    Just wanted to complement you on an awesome website, interesting and well done writing, and also giving me the desire to get out and go flying. Think I’ll head out tomorrow for the Massey Airfield Fly-In. They have good food and great company with like-minded friends. I’ve got an older Beech Bonanza (B35) that still flies like a dream. You obviously have the same “bug” so just wanted to give you a high five with the appreciation that you are living your dream. Way to go man! Have a great Christmas holiday.

    • Swayne Martin

      Thanks Nick! I really appreciate the compliment and think that’s awesome that my post was able to get you out and flying some more! Have an awesome Christmas.

  2. Alishia

    Hi Swayne,
    Thank you so much for the awesome videos! These are all so great. My husband just started his private pilot training, and it is exciting to see all of the things we can look forward to doing once he is done. The Hog Roast looks like so much fun! Now, if I can get myself through the fear of flying we should be ok. We went on a beautiful ride our first time up, so I know it happens, but since then I have caught some pretty bumpy days. So while he is learning to fly, I’ll work on my jitters  Thanks again for all of the info!

    • Swayne Martin

      That’s great to hear your husband is starting to fly! You’ll love all the trips you’ll be able to take with him in an airplane out to lunch or for a weekend trip.


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