At 7am on Monday morning, I spent about a half hour practicing crosswind takeoffs and landings at Hanover KOFP before my Wednesday departure for Denver (working with the guys at Boldmethod). It was already nearly 80 degrees when I took off at 7:30am, so the pattern work was substantially more bumpy than I’m used to so early in the day.

With about 80 degrees of crosswind, blowing at 10 knots, this was a good day to practice some crosswind techniques. The cockpit GoPro was placed in this position:


As you’ll see in the takeoff video below, I compensated for the crosswind coming from the right by adding right aileron:

During landing, I kept the nose aligned with the runway using left rudder input as I added right aileron during the approach and after touching down. (As is normal, you’ll notice the right main touch down before the left main in the video below):

Thanks for reading and watching!

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