For senior year, I wanted to come up with a cool way to ask my date to the Junior/Senior Dance (our version of prom). My first plan was to write out “Jr/Sr?” in chalk on a large parking lot and then fly over it with her in the plane. But finding a way to match up her schedule, my schedule, good weather, and an available plane was pretty challenging… So I came up with an alternative.

IMG_0902-1I photoshopped an airline ticket with her information; a big “Junior/Senior?” written across the front. The ticket was in exchange for a flight together later, on a date that would work for both of us. Tina and I have been friends for years, so she said yes and was super excited to go flying.


With good weather, a plane available, parental permission, and matching schedules, there was finally a good opportunity for us to go on a quick flight from Hanover KOFP out to lunch at the Williamsburg/Jamestown Airport (KJGG). The restaurant at the airport is open 7 days a week from 11am to 3pm.

Here’s a video of our trip:

On the way to KJGG, we cruised between 3,000 and 3,500 feet. I had VFR Flight Following with Potomac Approach Control because we were flying through KRIC’s Class C airspace. At around 80 degrees and sunny, with light winds, the flight ended up being a little turbulent. With the thermal columns rising off of the Earth’s heated surface, it was expected. Since the flight was only 20 minutes, it ended up not being too bad.

Here are some photos around the Williamsburg/Jamestown Airport:

On the way back home, we started off by flying low over the James River, staying well over 500 feet away from any people, buildings, or boats. I then climbed up to 7,100 feet to get above the scattered cloud layer. At that altitude, the ride was much more smooth (cumulus cloud tops often mark the tops of thermal lifting).

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