I flew with Jenny Hawk and OBX Airplanes last year while on vacation in the Outer Banks. I wanted to do the same this year, but step it up a level!

On The Ramp At KMQI

On The Ramp At KMQI

I decided it would be great to try out some tailwheel flying and experience some aerobatics. While Jenny isn’t an aerobatic instructor yet (she will be soon), she was happy to show me some basic moves while I sat in the back seat.

The plane for our flight was the OBX Citabria (N86705). Rather than a side-by-side configuration, the Citabria has a front seat and a rear seat. Each seat has flight controls, but instruments can only be effectively viewed from the front.

Starting off, I was the pilot up front. I learned how hard flying tailwheel aircraft can be with a swerving takeoff and difficulty nailing down rudder input. Below is a video of our takeoff:

After departing Dare Country (MQI), we flew Southeast along the Outer Banks. The angle at which you look forward while flying a tailwheel is extremely different from the standard tricycle aircraft — you get a much larger view, with the plane in seemingly more nose-over position. I practiced some basic maneuvers to perfect my skills flying the Citabria. Photos from this part of the flight are shown below:

Screenshots from our route on CloudAhoy can be seen below:

After returning to MQI, Jenny and I swapped seats and took back off. We climbed up a few thousand feet to begin the basic aerobatics. After a few clearing turns, Jenny put the plane into a dive. Upon reaching 140 knots, we did a loop. Shortly after, we did a barrel roll. After a partial spin, we had enough of throwing ourselves around, and headed North towards the First Flight Airport.

Screenshots from this part of our flight are shown below via CloudAhoy:

Check out this Boldmethod list to see why you might love taking a flight over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And don’t forget to stop by, visit, and go flying with Jenny Hawk of OBX Airplanes.

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-Swayne Martin
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