Today, the airline industry faces an unprecedented slowdown as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Aviation will rebound but it will take time and support from everyone in the industry to overcome this together. While a 5-leg day of flying might not be realistic for the next few months, we will be back on track soon! Flying has been, and will always be, an exciting career. Hopefully, this video gives you a little insight into what my daily life is like.

You guys asked for a “day in the life” video, so here it is! We flew 220 passengers on 3 airplanes between:

  • Chicago, IL to Appleton, WI (AA3366)
  • Appleton, WI to Chicago, IL (AA3366 Deadhead)
  • Chicago, IL to Lexington, KY (AA3980)
  • Lexington, KY to Chicago, IL (AA3980)
  • Chicago, IL to Dubuque, IA (AA3904)

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If you want to become a pilot, I want to make your journey just a little easier. I'm a First Officer for Envoy Air, one of the largest regional airlines in the world, and have partnered with industry leaders like the U.S. Air Force to teach about various aviation careers. For a full bio, click the "About" tab above. Use the "Contact" tab to shoot me a message.

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  1. Jose Rojas Jr

    I can’t thank you enough for your videos and educational support especially in Boldmethod. You have inspired me to get my instrument and commercial ratings! Continued success. I moved from NJ to Orlando to get more flight time and I love Chicago! Look forward to meeting you one day!


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