Today is my first real day of summer after having finished my last exam, Geometry, yesterday. I still can’t really believe I’m finally on break. I’ve put so much effort in this year; I keep wondering “what’s next?” It’ll be nice to take a break from school work (except for summer reading) for the next 3 months.

So much has happened this year. I managed to attain my goals in school (above a 4.0 GPA), flying (first solo), and with the blog! I flew my first solo flight shortly after having turned 16, and just recently flew my first cross country into a Towered Airport. The blog has done extremely well since it’s founding a few short months ago. With nearly 30,000 views from over 115 countries, I can’t complain! Just a few weeks ago, I finally got my driver’s license, after 3 months of flying solo and no driving solo!

So much is in store for this summer that I’m grateful for. Next week, I’m heading to the beach for 3 days with some of my closest friends to celebrate a 16th birthday. In another few weeks, I’ll be flying (commercially) into Pensacola or Mobile for another awesome family reunion at Martinique on the Gulf Shores. When I’m down in Alabama, I’m hoping to take a flight lesson maybe out of Jack Edwards National Airport, not too far from where I’m staying. It would be fun to fly over the ocean for the first time!

Finally, in late August, I’m travelling with my family down to North and South Carolina for a cousin’s wedding + a week on the beach. Once again, I’m hoping to take a flight lesson at some point when I’m staying on the Outer Banks. How cool would it be to fly over/to “First Flight” in Kitty Hawk!

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for this summer! Check back to see more posts soon!

Have a great summer everyone!,
Swayne Martin
Twitter: @MartinsAviation

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  1. allen morris

    Swayne, You are now an aviation icon as evidenced by your association with one of the world’s best aviatrix authors, Karlene Petit. I am doing an interview with JR hafer for my webtalkradio program and she will get her book promoted during the interview.
    Warning! Perhaps you recall my anecdote from The Rogue Aviator about the women in France who are likely to be bare-breasted at the beach. I am a devout Francophile and I envy you. Be grateful for the wonderful experience.
    Allen Morris/aka Ace Abbott


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