The purpose of the “Share Your Story” section is to show future aviators the diverse range of careers and experiences that are available to them in aviation. Anyone and everyone can write a share your story post, you DO NOT have to be a pilot. As long as you have something to share about aviation, your goals for the future, etc., you’ll have a great post. 


So what should you write about? Click Here for example posts or follow these suggestions:

  • General Background: What inspired you to start flying? Did you have any family members who flew?
  • When was your first solo and how did it feel?
  • Why did you choose to turn flying into a career?
  • What has flying done for you?
  • Describe what your current job is and why you enjoy flying. What different types of aircraft have you flown professionally?
  • Name one (or more) thing(s) that you dislike about flying professionally.
  • Have you had any nerve-wracking moments while flying?
  • Do you have any favorite routes or airports you fly into?
  • Share one memorable experience you’ve had when flying that stands out to you.
  • What are some of your aspirations for the future?

If you have an interest in writing a Share Your Story post for the world to see, shoot me an email at  – Please include any documents, photos, videos, or instructions related to the story in a single email if possible.


Thanks so much! Enjoy writing!

-Swayne Martin
Twitter: @MartinsAviation