This was our last of two flights from Richmond (through Minneapolis) to Grand Forks, North Dakota. We visited the University of North Dakota and its aviation programs.

Delta Air Lines Flight 3962 Information:

  • Flight: Minneapolis – Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) to Grand Forks International Airport (GFK)
  • Flight Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
  • Aircraft: Delta Air Lines (Endeavor Air) (N8918B)
  • Seat: 12A (economy, window)


The CRJ-200 is one of the smallest regional jets out there. I hadn’t been on one for two years:

Below is a video of our takeoff from MSP:

Photos from the flight to Grand Forks are shown below:

Below is a video of our landing in Grand Forks:

Screenshots from our route:

Arrival into Grand Forks!

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-Swayne Martin
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Arrival In GFK

Arrival In GFK

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