When I was building flight time towards my ATP certificate, I used an electronic logbook called LogTen Pro. Tracking my progress towards meeting the numerous ATP requirements was incredibly easy with the software, and it synced to my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I’m still using it today to log all of my flights as an airline pilot. I partnered with Coradine Aviation so that you can try it out yourself. 

Click Here For A Free 3-Month LogTen Pro Trial (New Subscribers) : http://coradine.com/swayne/ 

This is an electronic logbook I’ve used since I was a brand new student pilot. I love the product and have always recommended it to pilots I work with. Just so you know, if you sign up and purchase a subscription through Coradine Aviation, I’ll get a small commission. That helps me make more videos and I’m grateful for your support! Plus, you can get a discount of 12% for iOS or 23% for the iOS/Mac bundle. If you’re already a LogTen Pro subscriber, contact the Coradine Aviation support team who will check that you’re getting the best rate possible. 

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